LinkedIn Headshots in London


What is the importance of having a professional LinkedIn headshots?

LinkedIn is the worlds number 1 online business network.  If you want to grow your business and grow your professional network, LinkedIn in should be your first destination.

LinkedIn has evolved from being primarily a recruitment tool to being one of the best ways to generate new business and nurture existing clients.

  • LinkedIn currently has over 722 million members across the world
  • Of those, 675 million are active every month
  • Almost 40% of those monthly users are active every day
  • Fortunate 500 decision-makers actively network on LinkedIn
  • 61 million senior level users and 40 million decision makers
  • 87 million Millennial users, showing LinkedIn is also the business platform of the future
  • 174 million US users and 163 million EU users
  • 94% of of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to find business
  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn sends up to 50% of web traffic to business websites
  • LinkedIn headshots can attract 21 times more profile views
  • LinkedIn headshots can invite up to 36x more messages


Make the right impression with your LinkedIn profile picture.

I specialise in creating professional headshots that make you look confident, approachable and competent.

During our session, I will provide advice on how to dress alongside expression coaching that grabs the attention of hiring managers or business connections.

After our session, you will have a LinkedIn photo that gets you more work and helps you to stand out in the crowd.

Nadia's Headshot