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Professional Corporate Headshots

Say goodbye to embarrassing company headshots!

 My advanced coaching, lighting and retouching ensure you never had better corporate headshots.

As a professional headshot photographer in London, I save you time by bringing my fully equipped mobile studio to your London office or location.  It’s a fast, easy and convenient way to get strong and consistent company headshots. By providing coaching, direction and the ability to view the images live on the screen we can ensure every person loves their new headshot.

You need high quality, corporate images for your website, press releases, industry publications, social media and speaking engagements. As your photographer, I can help you to raise your company and individual branding photography to the next level.

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Corporate Headshot Photography Studio

Corporate Headshots in london

Looking for headshot photography that shows confidence, authenticity and professionalism? Look no further!

Whether you need team photos for your corporate website, promotional materials, or social media profiles, I have you covered. With expertly composed shots, I bring out the unique personalities and dynamics of your team, showcasing the spirit and camaraderie that sets you apart. My corporate photography services are designed to not only capture memorable moments but also enhance your online visibility. Schedule a session and let me showcase your team in the best light possible. I deliver exceptional team photography that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Executive Headshots

Sometimes, my standard corporate session is not suitable for all staff.  This is why I offer Executive Portrait sessions for CEOs and other senior staff.  Often these people require a range of business portraits for Press Releases and other engagements.  Executive Portrait sessions provide a bespoke business portrait service for senior staff who prefer to spend more time on their professional business photo.

CORPORATE Team Photography

Team photo shoots rock! It’s not just about getting everyone together for a picture – it’s all about communicating your team spirit and company culture. When we strike a pose as a squad, we feel like we’re part of something bigger and representing our organisation and it’s values.

Whether you work in law, media, fintech or a fresh start-up, a team photography session allows us to make an impact in our industry.  It tells clients and competitors that you’re serious, motivated and ready to make a difference. I can bring my mobile studio on location to your office in London and the South East.

Corporate Team Photography
Corporate Branding Photography By Craig Greenslade

Brand Identity

Brand identity photography is a powerful service that shapes a company’s image and personality. It goes beyond visuals, creating a language that communicates the brand’s essence. I collaborate with corporate marketing teams to ensure alignment with the brand’s vision.

From employee portraits to showcasing company culture, brand identity photos resonate with customers and clients, reinforcing trust and recognition. Brand identity images are used across marketing platforms, distinguishing businesses in a competitive marketplace. They help to convey authenticity and credibility and help build lasting connections with the audience. Brand identity photography empowers businesses to stand confidently in their brand story, leaving a lasting impact on their customers.

Office Photography

While more of us than ever are working from home, the office remains the home of any business.  It has a huge impact on how we present ourselves as a business and sometimes we want to show it off!

My office photography service can help to create media assets for your website, marketing materials and social posts.  I will work with you to create a shot list of images that capture the essence of your business, taking into consideration your location and company style guides.


Office Photography
Corporate Headshot by Craig Greenslade

HEADSHOTS Hair & Make Up Service

If you want to be sure that your staff is looking their very best, you can also request my professional hair and make up service.  This optional extra allows me to bring a hair and makeup artist to your session who will guarantee each person is both relaxed and perfectly presented before stepping in front of the camera.

Booking a headshots photographer for a full day or half day corporate photoshoot is the most cost effective way to update your company pictures.  Simply make a booking and provide me with a space and I will provide everything else.  All corporate photos receive my basic retouching service, so there is no need to worry about those shaving cuts or spots.  In just a short amount of time, your staff will have fantastic images they will want to share with family, friends and online.

Professional HEADSHOTS Retouching

As much as we try, it’s hard to be perfect all of the time! Professional retouching is included in all of my corporate photography sessions, meaning your staff don’t have to worry about spots, shaving cuts or blemishes on the day. All photo retouching is subtle, minimal and natural to make sure your team has a polished, professional finish.


I understand that your time is valuable.  I help make organising your corporate photoshoots simple before and after the shoot.  Once we fix a date, I will provide you with your own custom booking calendar with a link to send to your staff or to schedule your team yourself.

Once booked in, your team will receive my preparation guidelines with top tips on how to look your best on the day. I then bring my mobile photography studio to you. This includes the very best professional cameras, studio lighting and backdrops that allow me to produce flattering, high quality images all day, every day.

Booking a full day or half day corporate photoshoot is the most cost effective way to update your company pictures.  Simply make a booking and provide me with a space and I will provide everything else needed for studio quality photography.  All corporate photos receive my basic retouching service, so there is no need to worry about those shaving cuts or spots.  In just a short amount of time, your staff will have fantastic images that they will want to share with family, friends and online!

Professional Headshots
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Why Are Corporate Headshots Important?

Your professional corporate headshot is often the first thing people see when they form their first impression of you.  When you Google your name, what is the first thing that you see?  Whether it is your corporate website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google result your first image is how you will be seen.  What does that image say about you?

The purpose of corporate headshots is that is helps you to connect with potential clients.  Perhaps you are a CEO with serious responsibilities for many people.  Or you may be building a young, innovative new start up.  Each requires a slightly different type of corporate portrait but ultimately you will want to look both confident and approachable.

What to Wear for a Corporate Headshot?

Choosing the right attire for your corporate headshot depends on various factors, including your industry, personality, and the intended use of the photos. Different industries may have different dress codes, ranging from conservative to creative. It’s essential to dress appropriately to align with industry expectations. You can use platforms like LinkedIn as a reference to get an idea of how professionals in your industry dress for their headshot.

How Do You Prepare For Corporate Headshots?

Communication is key to ensure that everyone is ready and looking their best on the day.  I will provide you with my preparation guidelines well in advance of the shoot, which you can send to your team.  This will give my top tips on how to dress, what to do with make up and hair and what to expect on the day before you even meet your photographer.