I don’t have to tell you that you need an amazing headshot. You know it and that’s exactly why you’re here. A great headshot will help you create a great first impression and make you look like the talented professional you are. But what is a good headshot?

Here are some things to consider:

  • The image looks like you.  There is no point in having a headshot that makes you look older, younger or shows a style that you are not known for.  You are unique and your headshot must be authentic.
  • Excellent lighting.  Your face hidden in shadow may be arty and moody but people need to be able to see you.  Your images should be properly and evenly lit, as well as properly exposed.
  • Ditch the props. As above, covering your face with dark glasses, hats or scarves makes your headshot useless.
  • Angles.  In photography, we use angles to convey emotion.  Shooting down on a person from a high angle diminishes that person and makes them look smaller and more vulnerable.  Shooting from below can have the opposite effect, making the subject appear taller and more dominant. We can also diminish focus on features such as ears, noses and eyes simply with a turn of the head.
  • Expression. Most importantly of all is your expression.  Do you look confident?  Do you look like you know what you’re talking about?  Or do you look shy or even worse, scared of the camera?  Your connection with the camera is also the connection with the viewer.
  • Use a professional.  Those iPhone photos from your holiday in Greece aren’t going to cut it.  Seek out a headshot specialist who can not only provide excellent images but give you coaching and direction to make sure you are looking confident and professional.

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