What Do You Do at a Headshot Session?

If you’ve never had a professional headshot session before, you may be nervous about what is going to happen.  Willingly putting yourself in front of a camera is nerve racking for most people but rest assured I aim to give you an amazing experience from start to finish. So what do you do at a headshot session?

I have refined my headshot process to make it as easy as possible to get you amazing new images that you cannot wait to share.  While other photographers have complicated packages limits on times, outfits or shots I want to make sure you get everything you could need.   Here is my 3 step process that makes things simple for you.

  1. SHOOT
    I shoot directly into my laptop so that you can review the images we take in real time.  I also use this for a couple of different reasons.  Firstly, I use it as a coaching tool so that I can help you get better in front of the camera.  Secondly, I can get your feedback on the things you like or don’t like about the image. This collaboration is key to my sessions, so that we can keep adjusting the details until we get shots that you love. The more we work together and the better the images get, the more confident you become.  The more confident you become, the better the images get!I will direct you into positions that are most flattering for your unique physical traits. Once you are in the right position, I try and provoke a reaction from you.  This could be something I say or do, or perhaps ask you to do. Then I shoot really quickly as you react. That’s how we get natural expressions that actually show your personality. The devil is in the detail!

    We have plenty of time to shoot multiple outfits which will give you a variety of options to choose when we get to the final selection. My sessions generally last 60-90 minutes and I shoot around 300 images.

    At the end of the session we sit down together and run through all of the images we took. We will quickly decide which images are the best by process of elimination. We will go through a few rounds of culling and when we get down to the top 20 images things get difficult!  This is where we find the best of the best and you decide how many images you would like to purchase.You are in complete control of the final cost. I don’t want you to pay for more than you need and I am very aware that every person has different needs. Not packaging images together makes sure you’re not under or over committing on how many images you actually like or require. You can simply decide after the shoot is over and you can see the results on the screen.  If you really can’t decide on your final images, I can give you my professional opinion but you must make the decision.
    All images that you purchase are professionally retouched by me. Nothing ruins a beautiful headshot more than bad retouching. I use advanced photoshop techniques commonly used on magazine and beauty photography to make sure you look natural and like the best version of yourself.

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