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Actor Headshots


In 2022, having a professional actor headshot is more important than ever.  With so many agencies, platforms, actors and models fighting for attention you need a portfolio that stands out among the rest.  I can help create eye-catching images that are dramatic and attention grabbing!


I want you to have a great experience when you come to me for your headshots.  That is why I only book a maximum of two sessions a day.  When booking, you decide if you would prefer a morning or afternoon session.

This allows me to offer open-ended sessions, so that we can go at your pace and keep shooting until we get all of the images you want.  There is no clock watching or rushing due to waiting clients. I am also not going to keep you for longer than needed and you can finish the shoot at any time you choose meaning you have complete control over the session.

I work from my fully equipped home photo studio, which is a low stress environment and will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable.  When you arrive, we will have time to have a chat and get to know each other over a coffee or tea. While you to settle in I will get a feel for your personality and the style of headshots that might work best for you.


Next, we will go through your wardrobe choices and plan which looks you want to shoot and in which order.  I will offer some advice on what I think will work best to get the looks you want to achieve.

When you step in front of the camera, I will take a few test shots and make any adjustments I need while you get comfortable being in front of the lens.  With the technical side out of the way, I will start to guide you through everything you need to know from simple poses, hair  and most importantly, expressions.  Together we will find your best angles and a relaxed, confident and approachable look.  We will make minor adjustments that give big results.

As we continue to shoot, we will regularly pause to give you a rest and review the headshots.  This is where we are able to share valuable feedback with each other.  As you review the images, we will be able to see what works for you and if there is anything that we can improve on.  As I coach you and your confidence grows, we are able to get the best quality headshots.

You should find the session fun and relaxing, with zero pressure. I want to capture your genuine personality in your photos.

The shoot will continue for as long as needed until we are both 100% satisfied with our results.


At the end of the session, we will sit back together and review the best of the photos.  This will be your chance to both select the best headshots that you want to keep, as well as delete any that you are not happy with.  After each session, I delete all of the headshots that you have rejected.

We will go through a few rounds of selection, cutting down the shots to the best of the best.  You will be able to take as long as you need to compare, cut and cull any images that we have taken.  When you have decided your final headshots, we are done.

I will professionally retouch and deliver the final images digitally.  All retouching is very natural to remove blemishes or spots, for example.

The final images will be delivered as high-res JPEG files suitable from Spotlight and Backstage, along with custom crops for your social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.


I believe in offering you flexibility in pricing to allow you to have as many or as little headshots as you need and to fit your budget.  This is why my pricing is based on my session fee plus final images.  The session fee covers my time and secures your booking, while the final image fee allows you to choose the number of images you need.